SwiftCloud is a free business-first social network and productivity platform.

It is also the central connecting platform on which various paid and free business tools are built.

All applications are cloud-based, accessible 24/7 on any device worldwide, always backed up, always the newest version, and ready to work for you.

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SwiftCloud Business Tools Include…


SwiftCloud is an always-free* social network & business productivity platform. Manage contacts & share with your company, track news feeds that you care about most, share files & docs, calendars and more. All SwiftCloud business tools run on your centralized address book & social tools so you can discuss, collaborate, and get more done - faster.

Swift Tasks

Social task and project management software to get more done, faster. Easily track and delegate tasks, track projects with on-the-fly workrooms with customizable views to match your needs. Learn more at SwiftTasks.com


Built into everything we do is Artificial / Machine Intelligence, with growing options for real-world natural language true automation via email, chat, and SMS. Fully automated sales follow-up, helpdesk response and more are not just possible, but the inevitable future. Learn more at SwiftCloud.ai

Swift CRM

Social sales dashboard and activity-based dynamic sales guide to scale up sales teams, track complex sales with customization options to fit your organization. Unify communication and notes, integrate project fulfillment tracking and SwiftTasks.com invoices and project revenue in a single cloud based sales dashboard. Learn more at SwiftCRM.com

Swift Marketing

Marketing automation platform to handle not just autoresponders, but customer and contact segmenting, leads nurturing and sales lead tracking, event marketing, content marketing. Send mass emails, track referrals & relationship marketing & more. Learn more at SwiftMarketing.com

Swift Books

Optionally export to existing software - or keep finances integrated with cloud-based accounting. Easy, simple online accounting for personal or business. Add receipts via phone, instantly generate invoices & track payments, and auto-categorize expenses with our smart learning online accounting platform. Learn more at SwiftBooks.com

Swift Forms

Easy drag-and-drop website forms editor without touching HTML or programming. Powerful data handling options, conditional forms, marketing lead generation popups, special purpose forms like job applications, file upload, online payments, chatbot forms & more. One-click free Wordpress Plugin. Try it at SwiftForm.com

Swift Helpdesk

Keep customers happy with an online customer success dashboard that allows a variety of request methods (email, chat, web forms, phone) with integrated knowledgebase and canned response templates. Track resolution times, create custom statuses, escalate as needed and more. Try it at SwiftHelpdesk.com

Swift Clock

Time billing, agency time tracking for freelancers, staff and others with both “Client Billing Mode” and “Time & Attendance Mode”. Link time to projects to track ROI, track GPS locations of field workers, allow oversight & reporting & even round up time billing. Learn more at SwiftClock.com

Swift Invoice

Easy instant invoicing, estimates, purchase orders or credit memos with automated reminders and online payment options, all stored in a central dashboard to manage both receivables and payables. Learn more at SwiftInvoice.com

Swift Staff

Staffing management made easy with a centralized dashboard for in-house teams & off-site freelancer management, onboarding & required training management, and elastic staffing via open marketplace of remote workers and pre-priced, and a job application tracking system. Learn more at SwiftStaff.com

Swift Academy

Open training marketplace to sell or give away e-courses on anything, and learning management platform to manage employee onboarding. Create leads, onboard workers, meet and prove training compliance requirements and keep staff or clients up to date on any mix of videos, docs, quizzes and more. Learn more at SwiftAcademy.com

Swift Signature

Currently accepting beta clients. e-Signature that’s legally binding, easy to integrate, and helps companies go paperless, save time, increase closings, and reduces data entry. Convert your documents to online forms, add signatures to websites, and more to save money, time and build efficiency. Learn more at SwiftSignature.com

Swift Shop

Easily be selling online with basic e-commerce with no programming required and Wordpress plugin. Setup and customize your shop in minutes, connect online payment methods, and be selling online or adding e-commerce to any website. Learn more at SwiftShop.com

Swift Radar

Monitor websites, RSS blog feeds, twitter feeds and other signals then add whitelist or blacklist conditions to trigger automated sales leads, threat notifications, PR & publicity opportunities, job or candidate leads or other valuable insights while separating signal from noise.Learn more at SwiftRadar.com

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The core of SwiftCloud is a social network and will always be free. We may later split off a paid version with no ads or fewer ads.

Some of the tools in the SwiftCloud ecosystem are paid, others are free, and many are “freemium” i.e. offer free basic versions or free trials.

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